I need help and advice, I had my period cycle for about 6-7 month very regular and on time (every 28th of each month), so it was about 30 days,
in 27 May I had my period, last day of my period (1st june) I had sex which was not deep, but I guess I might got wet, I ignored it because I thought my cycle is 30 days and in day 5 I wont get pregnant, after 4 days I got stressed and took one NorLevo 1,5 mg in 4th June, In 9 June I started bleeding for 5 days and doctor said its because of the medicine,
I took Urine home pregnancy test several times and was negative, My next cycle didnt start on time on 28th, huisarts said it is because of Norlevo and she took a urine test and it was negative again, I started my period on 13th july, but very different than always, It was 8 days, I had clots and pain, and also had thick yellow discharge in between bleeding which was weired,
afterwards I got home test , again negative,
now I amd stressed a lot, should I trust huisarts and the urine tests, or is there any little chance of being pregnant?
please help me, I’m going crazy
thanks for your help in advance

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