I have a question about mensturations, I have heared from many girls and women that they have had their normal period when they have been pregnant, and because of the mensturation they didnt know they are pregnant for few months, I want to know if it is true,
I had a relation two months ago but not a real intercourse but I am scared if the sperm has been around my vagina, my last two periods are very sticky and dark but 6-7 days as always, the first period after relation was late for two weeks, I did home urine test several times and all negative, I started my period afterwards, the second period was on time, and urine test again was negative,
huisarts says the urine test is reliable, and the period shows I am not pregnant,
but I have pain and my belly is bigger than bifore,
I have read many articles that women can have their normal period with negative urine test while they are pregnant,
If it is so we always have to live in stress because we never know about our body,
please help me I’m to scared
thanks in advance

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